Rome total war thermopylae map download

I really hope that rome 2 does a better job in doing that. Plus, rome total war wasnt that good for reenacting the battle of thermopylae. Analyze revenue and download data estimates and category rankings for top mobile games apps. Thermopylae happened before alexander so it just doesnt fit with rome 2. I made a video for it, but right after ca for some reason erased the rocks on this map. A really good thermopylae map for all you 300 nuts out here. Total war rome 2 historical movie in cinematic rome vs celts duration. The battle of thermopylae cinematic total war attila nedim can incebay.

But since the thermopylae are a dangerous passage, you may consider sending. Cause mr president, ya see, unfortunately rome ii does not have a map editor to make. As some posters said above, there was a battle between the seleucids and the romans in this area in 191 bc. Total war rome 2 historical movie in cinematic rome vs celts. This is sparta,000 man battle of thermopylae youtube. Troy map to play in custom battles for rtw patched 1. I think the third will be something to do with hannibal. Rome total war \data\world\ maps \battle\custom also make sure that all map files have correct names if you still cant see it try a vanilla install.

This is a basically a page for my battle map mods for access without the workshop and also for. Best historical battle of thermopylae for rome total war 1. A heroic, fictitious battle between the greeks and the persians, a differing battle of thermopylae. The map is restricted to southern greece and there are 11 factions. New campaign map to represent historic western persia with greeks. The battle maps should reflect the geographic characteristic of the area and not just generate a flat map every battle. It is always better to have options, there is a reason why heavy infantry was a favored tactic in this part of the world. The mod will include lots of historical battles, pom style what if battles thanks to pom for the idea, and custom maps for multiplayer for anyone of. Take command of a massive army in the years 10801530 in two maps. Rome total history features a completely reworked campaign map going from. The battle of thermopylae cinematic total war attila duration.

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