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Builtin, fully adjustable comfortlight with microthin coating for durability and even light distribution. Lightweight and conveniently portable without compromising on battery life or memory, youll be able to carry up to 3,000 ebooks with you wherever you go. Your search liseuse kobo was automatically translated into kobo ereader. Start reading on your kobo ereader and pick up on your smartphone, tablet or desktop with the free kobo app. Autorisation liseuse kobo adobe support community 99587. Kobo library, and to update your books with bookmarks or annotations you made while reading on another device. Aura h2o second edition side by side with the kobo aura one. Its 265 dpi resolution also guarantees a pleasant reading experience.

Many of our ereaders feature comfortlight, the fully adjustable frontlight that ensures youll read comfortably in any lighting. Liseuse kobo aura 2nd edition ebook reader n236 tactile 6 wi. Some readers like to keep their ebook library fully stocked. Pour obtenir une liste des appareils kobo qui ne sont plus fabriques ou pris en charge, suivez les etapes indiquees dans cet article. With 8gb of storage space, your kobo aura h2o can carry twice as many ebooks as other ereaders. Kobo has worked hard to separate its aura ebook reader from the competition. Whichever you prefer, the kobo desktop app lets you easily manage the titles you want on hand, so you can save on storage space. So you can read without fear at the pool or in your bath. The kobo glo supports most ebook standards, including epub. Liseuse ebook kobo aura one ecran tactile 7,8 e ink carta display comfortlight pro. Identifier votre liseuse kobo ou votre tablette kobo.

The kobo ebookstore gives you access to over 5 million ebooks and your kobo aura lets you store up to 3,000 ebooks so youll never be without a great read. Kobo aura is only compatible with kobo aura accessories. The internal memory of the kobo aura h2o has been increased compared to the first version, it has thus increased from 4 gb to 8 gb, which allows to board an average of 6000 ebooks with either. Apres avoir reinitialise votre liseuse, suivez les etapes qui apparaissent a lecran pour reconfigurer votre liseuse. How to borrow overdrive ebooks on your kobo ereader. If youre using an older kobo ereader, like an earlier kobo aura, touch 2. Liseuse kobo aura ebook reader n514 6 tactile retroeclairage wifi 4 go eink. Designed with the help of our most passionate customers, kobo aura one was crafted to deliver the absolute best reading experience, period. Liseuse numerique kobo by fnac kobo aura 2eme edition. Vos autres ebooks sont conserves et proteges en ligne par kobo. Voir plus didees sur le theme liseuse ebook, liseuse et liseuse electronique. Kobo aura n514 digital ebook reader 4 gb 3000 ebook up to 32 gb, 6 touchscreen with e ink technology, backlight, wifi, etc. You can use your computer or the desktop application to add books and manage your ereader.

Get connected to your local public library right from your kobo aura one with builtin overdrive. Sep 12, 2014 kobo aura hd vs kobo aura h2o september 12, 2014 by michael kozlowski 6 comments kobo released the hd ereader in april 20 and the company expected it to only account for 3% of their overall. Liseuse numerique kobo by fnac kobo aura 2eme edition ebook. These ereaders work differently than older kobo devices or ereaders from other manufacturers. Discovery is easy with personalized recommendations based on your reading habits, plus you can. Kobo aura edition 2 is only compatible with kobo aura edition 2 accessories.

Commandez vos produits en ligne et retirezles en magasin. The carta eink touch screen technology improves it is not all kobo aura h2o features comfortlight pro technology. Windows should detect that you connected a new device. Kobo aura h2o edition 2 case ultra slim smart protective folio cover with auto wakesleep function for kobo aura h2o 2nd edition 6. I chose aura hd when i registered because i thought thats what im going to buy, but the only country where i can afford a used one is canada and noone ships to europe.

It has a recognisable, chiselleled back panel and a textured finish. Kobo aura h2o edition 2 rakuten kobo ereader store. Kobo aura h2o reading light screen kobo aura h2o is simply a big hit to the majority of its competitors. Your ereader will prompt you to either keep reading or manage your library.

Follow the steps below to sign into overdrive and get started. Commandez kobo aura h2o edition 2 liseuse etanche 6. Connect your ereader to your computer using the usb cable. Oct 10, 20 kobo has worked hard to separate its aura ebook reader from the competition. Liseuse ebook kobo aura h2o edition 2 ecran tactile 6,8 e ink hd confortlight pro.

Setup is easy and free, all you need is your library card. Synchroniser votre liseuse kobo en wifi synchroniser votre liseuse kobo avec kobo desktop. At kobo, we are 100% focused on making the reading experience better for booklovers around the world. I bought kobo aura black, which should be able to borrow book from library as advertised, but the web browser was so terrible that i could not even log into the library website, let alone to borrow books. Remise 5% pour les adherents, commandez vos produits en ligne et retirezles en. Kobo aura edition 2 sleepcover kobo aura edition 2 rakuten. The high res, lowglare e ink screens read just like print on paper to minimize eyestrain, so you can keep on reading. The kobo ebookstore gives you access to over 5 million titles, so a new favourite is always at your fingertips. The kobo aura h2o is waterproof for 60 minutes up to 2 meters deep. Apres avoir achete votre ebook ou votre livre audio, synchronisez votre liseuse kobo ou lapplication kobo books pour commencer a lire ou ecouter votre livre. With a battery life of up to 2 months, read an entire ebook on a single charge and enjoy the freedom of leaving your charger behind.

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