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Oa79 2 oa79 germanium diode germanium diode in all glass construction for use in a. Germaniumdiode oa 70 germaniumdiode oa 79 germaniumdiode oa 85. This would be a n type germanium semi conductor with a gold whisker forming the junction so by definition only one type of semiconductor is used in construction, therefore you cannot form a pn junction as there isnt any p type. Oa79 germanium diode datasheet pdf provided by datasheet pdf search for oa79. How is a oa79 diode different from the 1n4007 ones. Oa79 from microsemi corp find the pdf datasheet, specifications and distributor information.

Get an idea about signal diode vi characteristics, types, specifications and applications by reading this post. Signal diode characteristics, types and specifications. Use the diode equation for that state to solve the circuit equations and find i d and v d 3. I suspect that the oa79 is of point contact construction as the spec sheet lists its application as an am detector. Most semiconductor diodes indicate the cathode connection with a coloured band. The primary difference is that a semiconductor diode is a diode with a pn junction, and a lightemitting diode is a special case or special type of semiconductor diode that emits light when it is. Westector and selenium diodes were commonly used in the timebases of 50s tvs. Tube oa 79 or rohre oa79 id33566, solidstatediode, wires and detector shown. Dont be tempted to use a silicon diode it wont work.

Oa79 germanium diode components datasheet pdf data sheet free from datasheet data sheet search for integrated circuits ic. Note that the oa5 diode in figure 3, similar to the oc71 type of transistor, has its cathode marked with a red dot. I made it almost entirely from junk except for the diode 1n34 germanium diode and the earpiece though you can use a speaker from a phone. Diode other than those having a special letter specified elsewhere. Write down all circuit equations and simplify as much as possible 2. To test an ordinary semiconductor diode use a multimeter to verify that it conducts in one direction but not in the other. Internal output clamping diode 5, collectoremiter breakdown voltage bvceo 45 v forward current if for clamp diode 40 ma surge current surge for clamp diode 400 ma load inductance u 100 mh power dissipation pd tas25t. Germanium diode 35ma 30v oa79 fabian enterprises ltd. Diodes are the electronic components devices which allows the current to flow more easily and smoothly.

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